Thursday, June 11, 2009

netless bloggin..

first of all its a tuf job to think of a title to every post.. well here i am after 2 weeks on a stranded village.. first i was havin all the tyme but no internet in korba.. now am havin the net.. jus not the tyme.. am like a totally stuffed burger kept in a nuclear reactor ready to explode.. thts the iit talkin.. rite nw doin a course at iitm.. n its damn hectic.. 9 to 6.. neva been like dis even in skool or coll.. thank god(if he exists) i didnt get into iit.. nw i know the pain of every iitian.. all of dem r nuts managin all these.. dunno y i put so much load upon maself.. the best part is we get to sit in the ac for 8 hrs.. although tht could be a pain in the arse sumtimes.. i look upon maself doin a job in the future by jus sittin in 1 place.. wat a i was wonderin if there was any way to blog without the net.. since thts not possible.. i've decided sumthin.. i will be cummin online once in every 3 days only.. wen i do cum online i will write posts for all the 3 days..if dis is against the blogger terminology lemme know.. free..

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