Monday, June 15, 2009

the sorting hat

yesterday i went to ma grandpa's death ceremony or wat u call shardam.. even though i dont believe in god.. i believe tht the dead must be respected n stuff.. so i woke up early.. put on a new punal to replace the lost punal..went to triplicane.. saw ma dad doin the rituals.. ate n came off.. the whole tyme.. ma mom n every1 except ma dadwere givin me a lecture on existence of god.. ma mom always says sumthin like.. "in this lyfe u were born as a brahmin.. dunno y god put u here.. but since he has done tht.. be a brahmin.. maybe in ur next lyfe u wont be 4 ur thots n deeds.."
since i cant giv a lecture n convince her.. i do the usual of bein silent..

i wanted 2 add a lil thot to wat ma mom says.. lets suppose god exists.. n since he created the world n everythin.. i feel he even created the caste system or made the humans to create it.. nw the god's job is like the "sorting hat" in hp.. he had a lot of religions.. castes.. subcastes.. in his hand.. n he puts pple there.. nw the point is y did he put me in the brahmin grp.. well maybe he thot tht i'll be best suited here.. the argument of next lyfe is totally ridiculous n am not gonna talk abt it..

neways i feel a lot of straight fwd pple around me r like this.. they believe in god.. but they dont believe in idol worship coz if u say god is everywhere den y do we have temples.. dunno hw to finish dis.. if u say god is faith.. then i believe in faith.. n i dont wanna give faith a fancy name..

P.S : maybe we can call faith as the transpose of god which is dog.. i think i mixed up the whole thing.. free..

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