Monday, June 15, 2009

nail in the head..

most pple perceive nail bitin as a dirty habit.. dunno y.. lets assume tht its is a dirty habit.. then y do cricket commentators use the phrase " a nail bitin finish".. they obviously want us to bite our nails if the match is interestin or comes to a nervous situation.. i bite ma nails weneva sumthin is very interestin or very borin.. lemme propose a situation.. am sittin in a class where a jovial thot provokin lecturer(ma iit coachin class lecturers way bck in 12th) is teachin a topic.. i find it interestin coz he has asked a question tht questions ur creativity.. so i bite ma nails ponderin ova the answer.. another situation where ma coll lecturer is teachin sumthin.. its xtremely borin.. half the class is probably sleepin whereas i bite ma nails to show him tht the class is borin.. but since he is an idiot he doesnt seem 2 understand me.. n plus the lecturer shd obviously be smart enuf to find out y the student is bitin his nails.. so its better to keep ur hands in ur mouth rather than ur hands let free coz who knows wat kind of signs they may give.. 3:16..

P.S: dis post has been dedicated 2 nikhil thomas..

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