Friday, June 19, 2009

truth doesnt matter..

tellin the truth really doesnt matter in this country any more.. am badly stuck up with this passport issue.. they jus have been makin me roam around shastri bhavan 4 2 weeks.. n the reason 4 this is tht i told the truth.. if i had jus put 12th std in the qualification column of the passport form(pple who put 12th std here got the passport within 10 days).. none of this would have happened.. since i put student NIT raipur.. i had to give away a bonafide certificate, hostel proof, an extra police verification n lotz of ma tyme.. the worst part is not all this.. suppose u have a prob in ur passport.. u obviously have to go n enquire.. this jus means u have to stand in a queue which is abt 100m long to go n ask a guy wat to do who will tell u the procedure of wat has to be done.. wen u get everythin done u again hav to start from scratch(stand in the same q..).. n i forgot 2 mention tht this is jus the enquiry.. after d 100m q is over.. u would hav to go to the 2nd floor to meet the DPO(deputy passport officer).. dont worry guys.. this tyme to meet the dpo.. its jus a 50m q.. coz theres no space..
got jus 2 points to make..
1. dont eva apply 4 a passport.. we always hav gud ol india..
2. in case u plan 2 apply.. see point 1..

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