Friday, June 19, 2009

ol memories..

went to d place where i did ma early skoolin.. am tellin lik 6th std.. ashok nagar.. coundnt even identify d streets tht i used to roam around.. the whole place has changed.. frnds changed.. atleast am happy abt d fact tht am not the only 1 sufferin from memory loss.. at times it was an awkward situation coz u r visitin sum1 after lik 9 years.. its hard 2 imagine wat kinda person they r rite nw.. n wat dey r xpectin from me..
got a lotta gud memories.. the 5 rs wheel chips packet tht i used 2 buy secretly (coz ma dad hates the "unhygienic" preparation).. saravana bhavan.. venki boli stall.. me walkin thro the flooded
streets of ashok nagar durin rainy season.. competin in skool for a stupid star badge..
neways alls well tht ends well.. thanks da maya for awakenin the lost memories.. thoogind irundha singatha thatti ezhupita..
although felt a bit depressed wen i found out tht d place/house where i used to live was gone.. free..

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