Thursday, June 11, 2009


this seems to be floodin the news.. pple r constantly naggin abt the "racial" attaaacks on indians in aus.. then i saw 1 crazy shit on times now i think.. this was the headline.. "bollywood going to boycott australia".. it seems tht bollywood is not goin to australia for shootin purposes..
its jus 1 question i ask.. where was this bollywood wen the sri lankan- tamil issue was goin on??
condemn wat has happened to northies n be silent to wat so ever is happenin to the southies.. as russell peters puts it.."trust me.. no one can be as racist as indians are".. this was jus a justification of wat russell said coz am a fan.. this cropped the worst thot in me.. i should probably be stabbed for tellin this.. is it wrong to imagine north india n south india as 2 separate countries.. ma point is wats wrong in puttin a physical border to suit with the mental barrier thts

P.S= go ahead kill me..


Anonymous said...

i dont think bollywood could have done anything about the tamils in srilanka....but if they boycott australia then it is some sort of pressure...maybe u could have asked the ipl to ban the srilankan players...moreover u cant say the racism thing going on in australia is about north indians...i beleive one of the guys who was attcked was a south indian...maybe u have some sort of wrong notion ....same could be said about the people of kashmir who i presume are north indians...despite they facing so many problems ex: so called indian army who rape many a women there and many more go unnoticed.noone has ever said they will boycott kashmir...or maybe noone has seen kashmir from that point of is seen more as a indo-pak conflict zone..

vishnuprasad said...

first of all.. reveal urself anonymous poster..
secondly.. maybe ma notion is wrong.. but thts a notion tht i have noticed.. from ma xp.. n i didnt say racism in aus is against northies.. the pple gettin affected r mostly the northies.. am not criticisin the northies.. the barrier exists on the minds of southies too.. take me 4 eg.. wat happened to one india.. unity n stuff..