Monday, November 2, 2009

Gone with the wind part-1

my blogger timeline is somewhat similar to the indian trains.. its running a little late.. jus 1 week.. we regret for the inconvenience caused..
I went to nashik last week for my IAF exam(EKT).. the IAF were kind enough to change my centre from nagpur to nashik.. 5 eager people decided not to go since nashik was far away and u wont be getting a confirmed ticket on the outrageously stupid howrah-mumbai route.. 2 of them were uncertain and so wen urs truly decided to take the risk, they joined in.. so the journey started with 2 quite unknown acquaintances from raipur.. since all this was decided 2 days before the exam, u could expect the kind of train journey that is supposed to happen.. i'll reserve that for part-2.. the train reached on time unexpectedly at 3.30am ruining a poor man's sleep.. the cold did its job of completely waking us up.. we had to go to the air base at ojhar village.. 35 kms from the station.. the directions in the hall ticket were clear.. we had to take a bus to the central bus stand and then another bus to ojhar.. for once i had suggested to eat something and start.. but they wouldnt listen.. so we went to the central bus stand on a bus which was at 3.45.. so early.. not a shop open at the CBS.. no tea even.. obviously i had backup and went for plan -B.. while they dont adhere to the backup i happily enjoyed the cold weather.. this next bus came at 4.30 and it was a special one that am gonna dedicate the following short story to it..

"tickets in his pocket.. all set for the 28 km drive to the village.. a bus in which the driver had his own cabin.. his earphones plugged.. it was a deserted national highway.. no vehicles from the opposite direction.. no high beam headlights..the bus was a one man army plunged into darkness.. suddenly the bus went into stealth mode.. a strange coincidence that a particular song started playing on his mobile.. for once, he thought "fear of the dark" from iron maiden was not the situation song.. his legs shook,heart trembled, ear drums vibrated.. is it the song?? is it the cold?? it was the darkness.. he learned to fly in a sitting posture"

we reached so early that all we could see was pple jogging even in the cold weather.. helplessly in hunger, we sat there till 7am..

A few snaps..

at the station..

the CBS @ 4..

the driver's cabin..


am on a high pple coz am a drug addict..

the gentleman is back.. note the formals ur honour(i changed u know)

P.S: it seems that i've been writin so many part-1s and not writin part-2s.. will try to post them as soon as i can..
P.P.S: it also seems that i've been writing very long posts highly contrary to my usual writing style.. please bear with me as am preparing for my semester exams..


soin said...

write as long or as short as you want. i want compnay for long posts..and bloody my shirt.if forgot looks dhola dhola..and tell them about all the guys there..tell them..and there were some better

Bharathi said...

@ Vishnu: Very nice posts and pics. Probably you learned this ugly habit of writing long posts from me :-)

Srivats said...

Hey it wasnt lengthy to be a disturbing one, it was easy read:) keep them coming, thanks for the picture :)

vishal jindal said...

nice post n pics vishnu..very adventurous i suppose :)

bondgal_rulz said...

It really wasnt lengthy, at least by my standards!!

Nice read. :)


Anonymous said...

Hey it was not at all a lengthy post.. it appears lengthy because of the pics.. Waiting for part-2 now

nan said...

Path pa,
vazhkaye iravinil aatam pagalini thookam kadhai aida pogudhu :P

buckingfastard said...

wow!!! u seem soo dedicated to IAF...and i still dunt understand y ppl jog so early mornin...sleep in mornin...jog in gym...sleep is too important to be sacrificed fr joggin!!

Vishnu said...

@soin.. better pics.. part-2 then..

@bharathi.. tanq.. maybe.. as i said am practising for my sem exams..

@srivats.. wow.. looks like every1 likes long posts.. thanks anyway..

@vishal.. yup.. too much adventure..

@bondgal.. thanks.. u better post soon..;)..

@avada.. ya shd be the pics.. again.. do paint.. tht was ossum..

@nan.. aga poghudha.. andha kadhai dan daily show.. i like the night life for 1 reason.. so peaceful..

@buckingfastard.. i am trying for the IAF.. it needs dedication..
n plus hav given only the EKT.. still a lot to go.. while jogging..the heat produced in the cold weather might be a good combo.. even we jogged to warm up..

Anonymous said...

thank you :)

Mr. K Bodhi said...

Errr.. are you really a pothead? Can I advise you to stop smoking pot?

Vishnu said...

@avada.. no probs.. good work needs appreciation..

@k. bodhi..
sir.. no.. u didnt get the sarcasm.. free..

priyadharshini said...

no offense, but i thought the person beside u on the 1st picture to be a butler wearing apron.. ha ha..

Vishnu said...

thts not my problem.. thts his.. n y shd i pose with a butler.. tht too at 3.30 in the morning..