Monday, November 16, 2009

Eccentricity, smoking, philosophy & grace - Eccentricity

Its like this.. I was born to 2 south indian brahmins who got arrangedly married.. one is from the tirunelveli district and the other from the dharmapuri district in tamilnadu.. but am a true chennaite u see.. born and brought up in chennai.. when u hear someone saying brahmin from tamilnadu.. the following 2 words will automatically click in your mind- Iyers and Iyengars.. the former are the shiva devotees while the latter are my followers(not blog followers).. but i dont belong to either.. am a madhwa.. its actually very hard to explain who a madhwa is..  i can see some "i know" faces.. here it goes.. madhwas are kannada/ marathi speaking brahmins who worship vishnu and his avatars.. they are similar to the iyengars but different.. nw as many might not know, my mother tongue is marathi.. when i came here to raipur, none of the maharashtrians in my college(its an NIT) could understand my marathi.. one sensible fellow said that my marathi was a very true form of marathi used only in literature.. not in speaking.. (all u maharashtrians have polluted ur language).. only then did i get the urge to call up my dad and ask the obvious question "how come our mother tongue is marathi.. none of my friends can understand it".. he was dumbstruck and gave the answer "my mom and dad taught me that only.. i taught u the same.. i think we are the remnants of the royal family of shahjahan".. then it led to a series of unanswered questions.. then i did the obvious.. googled it..
these are the exact lines from wiki..
"Madhwas (or Madhvas) is the name given to a community of Brahmin caste of India, whose members follow the doctrine of Dvaita or Dualism as codified by Acharya Madhwa.
Madhwas are Vaishnavites (Vaishnavism). Kannada is the mother tongue of majority of members of this community today in India. They live mainly in Karnataka and a significant number live in Tamil NaduMaharashtra and Andhra Pradesh. The influx of Madhwas into Tamil Nadu is thought to have happened during and after the Maratha conquest of Thanjavur."

Even wiki doesnt mention anything abt marathi.. but it surely cleared something.. now y the hell did the marathas invade thanjavur.. leaving that aside.. since even my mom and dad knew only the speaking part.. i too knew that only.. i cant read or write marathi.. so marathi was totally restricted to home.. a lot of my school friends thought i was a tamil iyengar.. i was having a lot of interest in the language tamil.. somehow i feel its more poetic than english and hindi.. u can manipulate the language in many ways.. the language is indeed special with its rich literature.. my dad is highly fluent in tamil.. he had this perfectly inspiring tamil teacher prototype in his schooling.. i envy him for that.. but i hate him for 1 thing which he enforced upon me.. knowing so much about the tamil language, he forced me to take HINDI as my second language in school.. he even denied me to switch to tamil when i was in 6th.. he always said that he had a "hunch" that i would be going to north india.. His hunch became true.. but still hate hate hate.. and thus i know to read write and speak both tamil and hindi..
Reverting back to the madhwas, since they too are brahmins.. implies no meat and only vegetarian.. and so i thought egg wouldn't be a problem.. and thus, me in 8th standard (only then did i get the courage) ate an omelette from a roadside shop and happily went home after school.. yours truly being so proud for doing such a brave thing told this to his mom.. i got frightened after seeing my mom's reaction.. she caught me by the ear and pulled me to the bathroom directly.. made me wait for 5 mins.. went somewhere and got some big leaves (dunno which plant) and some mustard.. told me that i had to keep the leaves on my shoulders with the mustard over the leaves.. and then pour water over my head until the leaves fall down.. this is some kinda tradition to be done after a sinful act.. that was the day i decided "i will live my life breaking each and every damn rule in the book.. break the rules was my policy".. due to the high dedication i had towards my policy.. i feel proud to say that i have eaten chicken and fish.. since am not a natural canine.. i feel it a bit hard with the bones.. boneless works fine..
thus my eccentricity is born..

P.S: the tiltle has been shamelessly edited from the foo fighters album "echoes, silence, patience & grace"
P.P.S: if any of u know any good looking madhwa girl.. feel free to hook her up with me..


soin said...

what is this?? an open inviation of pimping??wait..a girl?? are you drunk..i thought you liked only guys.. netru illatha matrum yenadhu..and dog.. dont say urs a pure form of marathi.. i can make out more english and tamizh words in ur so called marathi..thank god my parents are quite

Vishnu said...

@ soin.. sorry.. mama is only the pimp.. of course pure form of marathi.. but i tend to speak maril or tamthi.. evolution i say..

Insignia said...

Hmm..quite a research.

Bharathi said...

nice casual post as usual. But you didnt say anything about smoking???

Rajalakshmi Umapathy said...

Spoke like a true Brahamin.. Shameless!!! asking for girl thru blogger huh?? anyways, I have a fellow brahamin friend who also acts, talks and eats like that.. I know what you mean. BTW, thamizhil ulila patru therikirathu...

Srivats said...

if u wanna break the rules by eating non veg etc.. why to hook up with madwa girl ;)

pun intended ;)

Soin comments LOL

HaRy!! said...

kadaisila mama vela parka solriya...pavi bro :)

Shalini said...

Rebel huh?? Nice...
As far as breaking rules is considered...depends on you if you really want to follow them.
I am a tamil "iyer" brahmin but thankfully my parents dont have a problem with non-veg or alcohol. My dad used to make omelet for me every Sunday although I have left it of my own accord.
And yes, if you are SOO into breaking rules, then why madhwa girl?

Mahesh Kalaal said...


Outlier or eccentric??
Blink or Just a Tipping point?

Vishnu said...

@ insignia.. reasearch on myself.. i think i shd write an sop..

@bharathi.. this is the eccentricity part.. smoking is the next part.. i think tht u'll like that..

@rajalakshmi.. actually that was intended sarcasm.. too bad u didnt get it..
even i've seen a lot of brahmins who are like me.. its more about the gang of friends u r with and ur curiousity..

@srivats.. again.. the last line was sarcasm.. even if u hook me up with a madhwa girl.. i'll break outta it..

@hary.. oru friendkku idhu kooda panna mateengala.. shahjahan padam parkala.. lol.. neways tht was sarcasm..

@shalini.. yup.. it depends.. certainly no for me.. the point with u was the orthodoxicity didnt exist bcoz ur parents live in delhi.. wen u live in the orthodoxical society, atleast for the sake of society parents tend to maintain it.. my dad is like me only.. but my mom totally opposite..
sarcasm in the last lines.. no way a madhwa girl listenin to metal and following football.. lol..

@mahesh.. outlier in this case.. but eccentric on the whole.. i wanted a word starting with 'e' coz of the P.S..
i didnt get the 2nd one.. blink??
this incident was the tipping point.. start of dynamic friction from static friction..

SaKsHi said...

Its better doing something than regret NOT doing it...kudos 2 ur motto!! being a hardcore non-veg cnt imagine how pple live without eating chicken??

Lavanya Sriram said...

Just out of curiosity, now that you have gone there, done it and broken the rules, do you like NV? was it a one time for the sake of breaking rules or you are a convert now?

vishal jindal said...

wateva ur marathi makes u compatible with mumbai if u happen to be there sometime.. :)

Rachana Shakyawar said...

@ Vishnu
...let us together CelebrateLife!
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Anonymous said...

Madhwa girls are gonna reject you after reading this post :P broke all rules, it seems? :O I am a brahmin too but I dont want to break such rules and go to hell :P jokes apart, I would never want to become a non-veg, irrespective of what my elders say. Madhwas are followers of Madhwacharya, is all I know. And smartas (if you have heard of them) are followers of Shankaracharya.

Vishnu said...

@sakshi.. coz they havent tried it yet.. in my case.. the curiousity always kills the cat..

@lavanya.. neenga enga indha pakkam.. am honoured.. its just that i dont want to live my life by binding to rules.. i eat wenever i feel like..i eat wen i go out with my nv friends.. i like boneless chicken coz it is very much similar to gobhi manchurian.. convert ah?? periya periya varthai ellam solladeenga..

@vishal.. thts the problem.. its not compatible.. i cant even understand the marathi they speak.. i havent been to mumbai till nw..

@rachana.. thanks for the award.. gracious..

@avada.. never want to bcum non-veg.. does that mean u havent tried it yet.. or u just hate it blindly.. yeah i know a lot abt my religion.. its jus i dont follow them..

Avada Kedavra said...

More like an animal lover :) Hate non-veg blindly. I feel I would have converted into veg, if I was not a Brahmin :)

SG said...

Nice informative post. As far as I know, Shivaji’s father Shahaji was defeated by Shahjahan. Shahjahan posted him in deep South (Thanjavur) so that he does not give any trouble to the Mugal king.

Vishnu said...

@avada.. gotcha..

@sg.. oh.. i didnt know that.. that is my pathetic condition.. how do u know so much.. mind lending some grey cells..