Wednesday, November 25, 2009

And justice for all

Today.. an unusual incident happened.. since our cook failed us yet again.. we had to go out for dinner.. so only 5 pple from the gang finally decided to go to vinayak udupi since thats the only bearable south indian restaurant in raipur and since we are getting really really home sick.. jus cant wait for all these exams to get over.. so, the restaurant has 2 big rooms (nothin fancy).. one for self service and the other air conditioned.. since the self service was a bit crowded.. we decided to go for AC.. we entered to find only 1 couple occupying one of the 5 tables present.. they were seated near the door while we went to the far end of the room.. the point of telling this is we could see their faces from all of the seating options available.. now about the couple.. they are ISO 9001:2009 certified unmarried.. i do can say that their ages shd hav been between 25-27.. way older than us.. now am tellin all this just after 2 glances(no closer looks).. the first glance was while entering the room.. let it be a little suspense abt the second glance.. we entered anyway.. as any college gang should be, i think i can accept the fact that we were a teeny weeny bit noisy.. then the thing that should not happen happened.. 

The couple got up from their seats.. shifted to the opposite seats of the same table where we could not see them.. or atleast their faces.. we got totally pissed off.. suddenly one of us(not me) said..
"WTF.. wat indecency did we show.. get up u idiots" (translated to english by the author.. u dont wanna hear the tamil version.. trust me)

We got up from there and left the AC (btw did i say that the AC was not working) room and went to the self service section.. while going away from that room.. we all gave an angry stare (no..not the pathetic stare from yesterday's how i met your mother episode) towards the couple since now they were facing us..

hence, i put forth a question.. Are the couple justified in doing that?? and was our reply enough or do u still think it lacks the force.. please justify yourself..

before u start to comment.. lemme tell u some facts about a gang of boys.. do keep them in mind while u r commenting..
1. A single girl/ a group of girls anywhere - do i need to say yes.. of course bird watching..
2. A couple belonging to the same age sitting anywhere jus talking - maybe yes.. just a curious look to check out the girl..
3. A couple of a little higher age jus talking.- i dont think so.. we always have a lot of options u see..
4. Any unmarried couple doing everything else other than talking - as i said.. curiousity always killed the cat.. its a killing machine does killing in the name of good..

Its a guy's fault too (in cases 2, 3 & 4).. y does he hav to get pissed off when a total stranger is looking at his girl.. wat could he possibly do.. come into their life and take his girl away from him?? nonsense.. even he would have done bird watching.. relationships,love,sex all start with bird watching.. bird watching is no offence.. the worst part is when they try to tell that we are the indecent ones through their amateur attempts.. looks like we would have to spread the message of pissing them off..

P.S: we ate happily after that..and justice was served(thanks to the justice league).. looks like we set a record for eating a family dosa in less than 1 and a half minutes.. 

P.P.S: this post is totally abt bird watching.. so please dont throw any shit on protection in the society, rapism blah blah..


Anonymous said...

"hey are ISO 9001:2009 certified unmarried"


" i do can say that their ages shd hav been between 25-27.. way older than us."

NOT LOL! I am 25!!!!!!!!!!!!! And I am not old.

See if somebody is oogling at my girlfriend I would get pissed not because I am insecure. I would get pissed because she is uncomfortable. And of course to put scene :D.

- K Bodhi

SaKsHi said...

lol..I agree soo not justifiable...dunno the guyz prob bt if the girl doesn't like it, its best backing off and the guy wud do smthing like that...btw love the title :)

soin said...

please note-the noise was teeny weeny coz they were missing couple of motor mouths one of whom nobly cooked for himself..
machi you guys leftbcoz of surya vaitharichal only..
nothing pisses a couple off more than finding their usual desserted joint dotted by groupie guys..the couple will presume that we are making fun of them all the time coz thats what we do..

and its brilliant we can swear thevdiya and all at anyone we want in raipur.feels good to let it out in tamizh that

Smita said...

Bird Watching is no offence at all :D

Had I been in your place, instead of moving out I would have shifted somewhere near the couple :D

Srivats said...

I repeat what soin and smita has said ;) is 25 is way older than you? i hope not!

Rachana Shakyawar said...

@ Vishnu

absolutely, bird’s watching is not an offence…but a very natural human behavior of feeling to get attracted to some gurl or guy and enjoy the passing moment!

However, their s a very fine line between enjoying the passing moment and making other person uncomfortable (especially a Gurl). I believe one must respect and consider the feeling in any case…either she is with her boyfriend or in a group or all alone.

Trust me “relationships, love, sex all DOES NOT start with ONLY bird watching.. But on the converse respecting the privacy and the feelings…does works magic”

Perhaps, I wont go into much you have already mentioned not to talk about the society and blah blah topic.

P.S. Liked your post…as it brought so many different views and churning perception on the topic!

Raj said...

hey vishnu. staring as fine as long as it hurts no1. ok?

so, dont u know, make it obvious. tell me
what wud u dio 5 yrs on when the girl u luv is getting all nervus and wrecky cuz sum people are starring at her?
wont u want 2 jus, kick their asses???

think over it huh?

japesh said...

GO out...
get a girl...
you'll know...

Insignia said...

I will quote an incident that happened with me.

I and my friend went to a Pakistani restaurant in California. A couple were seated one beside another. I and my friend took an adjacent table and sat opposite to each other.

It was USA remember. Incidentally I was facing the couple. They indulged in all sort of embarrassing behavior and it was discomforting. I requested my friend we change places. He agreed but he thought couple of other guys seated in other table were gesturing me and that made me uncomfortable. I assured it was not but was not able to explain why I didnt want to face those couple. I sat in my friend's place and he in my place.

What would you say about this?

Ultimately; reaction occurs when something uncomfortable happens. Maybe the couple were uncomfortable to be coochee-cooing facing you guys and thats why they shifted; and they might not even observed any indecency on your part(even if were); as they would have been busy with their activities.

Vishnu said...

@k.bodhi.. we both had our own gandhian ways.. lol @ vetti scene..

@sakshi.. its always the girl.. isnt it??

@soin.. onnumae pannala da nanga.. and yes couples hate groups and vice versa..

@smita.. wow.. support.. thank u.. thank u..

@srivats.. wokie.. 25 aint way older.. its jus older than us.. lol..

@rachana.. well i think we are mature enuf to understand tht fine line.. thanks for ur comments..

@raj.. again.. its always the girl.. isnt it.. fine.. if she is nervous then we would move out probably.. but if she aint nervous and i hav noticed them eyeing my gf.. i would obviously be brimming with ego that i got a good lookin gf.. ;)

@japesh.. correct.. looks like the experience is talking..

@insignia.. i jus have one doubt.. do girls want us to see them or not.. so how come jus gesturing makes u uncomfortable.. isnt all that makeup and skimpy clothes for men to watch??

Insignia said...


I am appalled by these ignorant idea of yours. Do you think guys gesture only at girls wearing skimpy clothes???

Shows immaturity and narrow mindedness, sorry to say. I guess maybe you have never come across such guys who gesture even a mannequin. There are desperate lots all around.

Your response to my comments also shows that you didnt understand what I was trying to say.

What do you mean by do girls want you to seem them or not? Of course, as they see you; they would want you to see them; but not to the extent of making them uncomfortable....

I leave it here..Dont want to write any further

Vishnu said...

@insignia.. i got what u said.. i agree that there are desperate lots out there.. but cant the girl figure out who is jus gesturing from the guy who gives on dirty looks.. is it that hard to separate the decent from the indecent.. y shd she behave in the same way as she reacts with the indecent??

in our incident.. we hardly looked at them.. my point was that couples always have a grudge against a group of guys.. and i was trying to figure out the reason..

skimpy clothes was jus an addition.. n u didnt talk abt the makeup.. ur point is there are good girls out there too.. i agree to that.. my point is there are girls who want to be gestured.. is it very hard to digest..

Insignia said...

Alright, I am not a feminist.

The question you put forth? "What indecency did we show" That triggered these discussion..

I was only trying to say the couple shifting their seating position would have been that they were feeling uncomfortable; maybe they were feeling awkward with themselves; maybe they were insecure; maybe they were scared!!! why do you have to take that you behaved indecently? Why that question at all? Thats why I quoted an incident of mine.

They have a grudge..maybe they are feeling awkward, insecure. Laugh out at it and walk away. There's nothing more worse than that; its a mockery.

I didnt talk about the makeup because I am weak in that department. I cant recognize an eye liner from a lip liner. :-| I dont use them; never wanted to know about them. Being so weak, I am not an authority on that subject.

Of course I agree to you when you say there are girls who want to be gestured. I dont deny at all. Its very easy to find such girls. There are aplenty. The same way there are guys who gesture even at an old lady. But those are the worse lots. Best to keep away from them.

Thank you for accepting the comment and responding to it. It was bit rude; but I thought you had few wrong ideas and you inferred completely wrong about this incident. Anyways...:-)

Vishnu said...

sorry for being rude.. the topic and my opinions demanded that.. thanks for ur comments..