Saturday, December 19, 2009

boozy booze booze.. hardy harr harr..

Its been very long.. time flew.. now am back to being vetti.. got a lot of stories and experiences to share..
to start with, lemme tell u that i got placed in CTS.. something expected to happen.. am digressing.. more on the placement later.. a week back, i was damn busy.. i had my last 2 exams.. i had to teach mama for all his arrears.. and important of all i had to help raghu(best friend,ex- roomie and architecture student) with his model.. i had to make his whole site plan while he is in charge of the building.. of course, he was the main authority who explained me what i had to do.. sundar was kind enough to help a bit coz he was also making another model.. the model turned out to be great.. much better than our expectations.. this was a tough one coz it was a hilly slope.. i'll upload the photos later.. the archi guys were very pleased that their models were completed in time..  so they offered a booze party.. we gladly accepted coz we're not stupid to let down a good offer.. the menu being..

1 DSP black (a blend of whisky and scotch)
1 smirnoff green apple flavoured vodka (TIP: never mix this with lemony lemon sprite)
1 haywards 5000 beer (for the beer lover sundar)
of course 3 packs of cigarettes (1 black, 1 classic, 1 flake.. see there is black in everything..)
2 bottles of sprite
2 packs of kurkure
2 packs of haldirams aloo bhujia

now there were totally 8 guys.. the archi guys kindled their creativity yet again and made the environment dimmer.. it was a computer monitor lit party.. one shd speculate that the above mentioned items are quantitatively less for professionals.. one archi guy had no mood.. one was flat after 2 pegs of vodka.. other said he drank in the afternoon and was in no mood.. raghu said that he was fed up with drinkin.. so he had only 2 pegs.. ela stuck onto the fact that he didnt have anything for dinner n so he too lessened himself.. he had 5 pegs i think.. the other archi guy had 6 pegs i think.. urs truly drinks.. but is not that much into it..  so only 4 pegs..(see.. very less).. everyone was in their conscience except the great sundar.. he drank the whole bottle of beer.. 3 pegs of vodka.. 6 pegs of black.. the point to be noted is that everything was consumed in raw form.. no ADULTeration.. thats it.. he found the stairway to heaven.. a few more pegs.. he would have even touched the lotus feet of god.. initially he was dancing to the songs that were being played.. tired he sat down.. started to tell philosophies(read: blog posts for the author).. pretending myself to be a sith lord.. i say..
"Learn to know the Dark Side of the Force.. coz only then u can truly realise urself and ur potential"
lemme tell u abt the booze law..
"Only booze can make one go high for a sufficiently long time so that one starts to think out of the box "
a corollary might be
"Alcohol gives you wisdom which you thought never existed in you"
This owes to the simple fact that u lose ur mind for the time being.. u tend to be open-minded.. i feel this state is everyone's true nature..

Most of the alcohol talks would be about girls, how fucked up their life is or about their field of study(eg. engineering).. but we are a different branch in the same crooked tree.. we talk about philosophy and analyse people's character in the weirdest ways possible.. sundar started off by advicing that we shouldnt forget our parents after we start earning.. ela got bored and escaped.. the remaining me and raghu are natural good listeners.. so he talked and we listened.. raghu was totally steady.. whereas i was a bit shaky.. i still cant remember topic shifts.. from parents it went to western culture.. dunno how.. then indian culture.. would u believe if i tell u that the real blog post starts now only..

so.. he put forth the question.. do u think whether the parenting practices followed in western culture are justified.. letting children choose their own choices creating a barrier in the parent- child relationship.. he was supporter of indian culture.. his argument was immature(shall i say) considering the fact that he is still not married(lol) and his poor knowledge about parenting practices in the western culture.. am not taking any side.. every culture has its own pros and cons.. whats ur say in this..

this is running like a mega serial.. am stopping this..

P.S: Booze yet again tomo.. cmon i got a job.. bring on the heavy artillery..
P.P.S: finally am goin home.. i can hear chennai screaming "come to papa"


vishal jindal said...

buddy accept my heartily congrats for ur placement..cheers..!!
n yes to say anythin on that parents..culture and bla bla ..i think i need to booze first to go high for a sufficiently long time and start thinking out of box and come up with some actually f** up ideas :)

soin said...

lol.since the planned booze party dint go through i had a booze dream today.i had lemon vodka with pepper.found it was really i added masala and tasted like i mixed it with rice and had rasam rice.and after i topped it with the dark chocolate we drank

Raj said...

congrats on ur placement mate. now go get drunk big time! :D

nandita! said...

hey first of all congrats for getting places! :))

all the guys talk abt gals wen they get drunk! why?

Vishnu said...

@vishal.. welcome back from the dead.. wtf happened to ur blog.. thanku.. yeah.. u need it.. go n get totally drunk..

@soin.. lol.. ingayum rasam ah.. rasam n dark chocolate.. enna koduma sir idhu.. but tht choclate ws good.. we'll go regularly after coming back again..

@raj.. of course.. no need to say that.. js advice me to drink less.. thanks..

@nandita.. as i told.. we tend to open up n talk abt relationships.. guys dont often talk abt crushes u know.. girl crushes are the hottest topic.. thts the usual drunk talk..i wonder wat girls would talk after gettin drunk.. any idea u got??

nandita! said...

wel..drunk or not we bitch abt dis gal n dat gal.. we talk abt guys too but not abt crushes and relationships.. we plot ways to murder some stupid guys who irritated us and all that..well i sleep of after 2 shots mostly so i dont even remember what i talked abt u know :P

buckingfastard said...

congo fr da placement!!! and dat sounded like a tru engg. party!! keepin in RAW...

happy boozing bro!!

SaKsHi said...

hey nice going CTS...congrats!! alcohol gives u wisdom ;) more like puts ur crazy, weird personality in2 limelight...obviously not in ur case...philosophy cool(no sarcasm intended)...btw cnt club parenting practices many families here gv freedom to their kids 2 decide their life...i think whole deal depends on families...that is what u guys meant rt???

Naarya said...

hmmm....a think cngrts is due.... but yaam petra thunbam peruga ivvayaigam....welcome to the world of deadlines, deliveries, number games ... late nights and consider yourself lucky if u can make good frnds in the real world!
parenting is scary on all parts of the world...we guys are standing at the threshold (my age group i mean) and we all shit in our pants at the thought of how we are gonna handle things (extra diapers thevai padum..)

Insignia said...

You got placed :-) Hearty congratulations. And thanks for those tips on vodka. :-P

And finally liked the law of alcohol a lot.. Hmmm...have fun!!

Shalini said...

Congrats on your placement!
I also agree that every culture as its own pros and cons...cant side with any one..

Priya Vinay said...

congrats bud :) :)

S... said...

congratulations for the placement...enjoy the winter wid booze n booze-talks..

Shas said...

Congo for your placement. Your booze party reminded me of my univ friends. They too would discuss philosophy, world peace and all high-fundo topics after getting high.

Sorcerer said...

stumbled across your blog :)

congrats for the placement... booze..its good for winter..

SG said...

Congratulations on your placement. I am glad your party was not a BYOB party. That is Bring Your Own Booze.

HaRy!! said...

saraku adicha..verra ena pesuvom...ithu than!! kudikara pecchu vidincha pochi!! :D ...cya around dude..wishes

Vishnu said...

thank u all for ur comments..

Dr. K Bodhi :D said...

Congrats on the job! Ennaku eppo sarakku party?

Naan naraya addika maaten (w.r. sarakku). Anna adicha addikama (w.r. hitting) vidamaten

Dr. K Bodhi :D said...

Where is my comment?

Anonymous said...

Your blog keeps getting better and better! Your older articles are not as good as newer ones you have a lot more creativity and originality now keep it up!

Shalini said...

Hey, you on an exile or something?? Waiting for your next post dude...

Shalini said...

you have been tagged...check my blog. :)

Vishnu said...

@k.bodhi.. come to chennai.. sure party.. ungalukku illamaiya..

@anonymous.. thank u.. hoping to continue the work.. thank u for ur straightforward comments..

@shalini..yup.. exile.. am in chennai rite nw.. no net.. only fun.. will be back soon.. i'll try to do the tag..

Jil Jil Ramamani said...

Apple vodka is not very macho no? I thought it was woman marked territory. Like cosmopolitan.

HaRy!! said...


Sruthisagar Yamunan said...

I liked the computer monitor lighting idea :D

and of-course the booze :D

Vinay Swastik said...

Just came to your blog via your comment on mine..
Your writing style is awesome, and regular updates add to the beauty of the blog..

Congrats for the placement in CTS.

Vishnu said...

@jil jil ramamani.. yup it surely is n i hate it as of now..

@hary.. ya alive.. n back..

@sruthisagar.. try it sometime then.. its great..

@vinay.. thanks mahn.. i'll try to be regular on ur blog too..