Thursday, December 3, 2009

SOIN: just not SO IN

I open my blogger to read all ur posts.. and i noticed soin had posted something.. i just opened it in a new tab and waited for all my tabs to open.. when i was reading the first post.. i happen to notice something.. it was not the usual "Post not found" sign..  the sign was a bit awkward.. It read "blog not found".. so i thought blogger is playing tricks with me again.. and so i refreshed the page.. the same thing again.. finding it a little hard to digest, i closed the tab and typed the address in a new tab.. same thing again.. it was then that i realised the idiot had done it for real.. these were the same words that were running through my mind..


these are for the brain that generated the thought to delete the blog..


these are for obeying the brain's commands..

If i had known that he was gonna do this.. i would have thrown lyrics such as these at him..

"So precious, yet surreal
 Blog's a onetime deal
With a delicious dark appeal
And a non-religious kind of zeal"

but a helpless me was sleeping.. that which has happened cannot be undone.. atleast am happy that he kept a backup of it.. hopefully he'll start another one..

so i'll finish this by telling a story which i think he has not said in his blog..

Has anyone wondered how he got the name soin?? Its an interesting story.. i pity myself for remembering it partially.. now his name is vishvak saen.. i think in 8th.. they had a new maths teacher who was a malayali.. when she took the attendance for the first time, she pronounced his name as vishvak soin.. all his friends liked this catchy name so much that he was addressed by this name only.. an incident to prove that his friends dont even remember his real name happened in 11th standard i think.. one of his friends called to his home.. his mom had picked up the phone.. the friend had asked for soin.. his mom's obvious reply was "there is no soin in this house".. the friend tried hard to remember his name and stammered like hell.. his mom cut the call thinking that it was a wrong number..
i just got 1 word to say after all this.. freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.......

P.S: I think he is bound to kill me for keeping this mokka title..
P.P.S: as sridhar put it.. and he was finally beaten by a girl..
P.P.P.S: and we're off to nagpur for the CAT..


Naarya said...

really???? wats wrong with the guy????

Srivats said...


Mr. K Bodhi said...

"as sridhar put it.. and he was finally beaten by a girl."

Spill the dirt, bro! Market me aane dho. Kalathulla eduthindu va.

Oru friend a asinga padarthulla irrukara kushi vera eduliyum illa. If I were you I would do a blogpost on Soin's girl trouble :D

Shalini said...

Why did he delete his blog??
His last two posts were due for my reading and the same thing happened.."blog not found".
Please tell him to return to blogger.
And have fun at Nagpur!

Anonymous said...

I can't believe he deleted his blog! I loved reading his comments :(

kaka said...

i didnt know my little action would inspire him to do the same thing...

Escapist said...

Don't know ever--must be having good blog....


HaRy!! said...

dai thief guys :D and then comments write panum pothu even i forget his real name... nice story than!! and ask him to start writing soon...!! first y he deleted... yar mela kovam?..rite rite... FREE ah vidunga!:D..tak care pellas


Vishnu said...

@naarya.. welcome back from the vacation.. wats wrong.. u'll only have to ask him..

@srivats.. indeed..

@k.bodhi.. yup.. mathi mathi kalaikardhu danae enga pozhapu.. girl trouble ah.. yappa.. no no..

@shalini.. he said he lost interest.. but still he'll be following u i think.. nagpur was fun.. another post..

@ki.. there was no need to delete the blog.. he could have stopped blogging.. but i guess controlling blogging by having a blog is tuf.. u understand all his comments.. u r really great..

@kaka.. dunno.. its just my theory too of y he deleted..

@escapist.. out of the equation.. ya good blog..

@hary.. thief ah?? nanga lam romba nalla pasanga.. kovam la illanu nenaikiren..

soin said...

not just the title the whole post is stupid.and u label it with senti??delete the post.u write something stupid and something small gets blown a bit.and kbodhi want to wage a war against peterism now.

@sridhar-nothing you said made me delete the blog.i deleted it before you came to my room that

kaka said...

@soin i merely was indicating my own blog...terror

Lavender said...

hah I so bet he hates you for this :)

Insignia said...

Thanks for letting know the origin of "soin"

But I was perplexed the other way when blogger said "The blog does not exist".
I did see the updated post on my blog roll; but didnt find the blog. I thought blogger was down..Hmm now I know..

anyways...soin's choice

Bharathi said...

Its sad that he deleted his blog. Hope he would come back.

Your name episode brought me memories of my school days. We nicknamed our physics master "pallavarayan" for which I dont have to say origin.

One of my friends thought that was his real name and asked for Pallavarayan sir in staff room.

He came and fought with us with swollen cheeks :D

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah I noticed too!!!
Hey Vishvak, why dont you start blogging again!! Why did you delete???

Smita said...

Oh! But why?

BTW how did the CAT go? There were too many issues na??

Vishnu said...

@soin.. wats the price for deleting this post??

@kaka.. terror ah?? wen u say terror u remind me of TR only.. free..

@lavender.. yup.. he hates me all right.. welcome to big bang.. u have quite an interesting blog.. will disturb u later..

@insignia.. tht was one story he wouldnt tell or forgot to tell..

@bharathi.. lol.. did he live in pallavaram?? welcome back..

@avada.. reasons unknown..

@smita.. change is constant.. cat was fine.. it all depends on how bad others perform.. the crash was the only main problem..

SG said...

Nice one. At least the teacher did not mispronounce in a bad way. I have this school experience. In my 9th grade, my history teacher was a filipino. She spoke with an accent. One day she was teaching about Mona Lisa. She said "Wherever you stand in the room, the picture of Mona Lisa will look at you. All you have to do is focus on the eyes". She pronounced "focus" as "fuckus" on the eyes. The whole class erupted with laughter.

Vishnu said...

hahaha.. wat a story sg.. great..

gils said...

ROTFL on the reason behind free nu solitrunthathuku meaning ketapo oru kathai he told...thot since he comments soinnnnnggg soiiingggg...his name became soin..aana ipo than teriyuthu :D SG story my skool we had EG period..electical gadget something..tht sir had a wicked he wl say koapee...file wil be fayill...!!! we used to have tuff time controlling our laughter in class :)

Dr. K Bodhi :D said...

What plucking?

SaKsHi said...

Hey i was due reading his post...soo unfair...tell me him to start blogging again...

Vishnu said...

@gils.. hahaha.. now u know abt soin.. all teachers hav comedy pronunciation..

@k.bodhi.. konjam busy.. will be back in another 2 days..

@sakshi.. i think he'll start another one.. atleast he'll start if arsenal win the premiership ;)..