Tuesday, December 1, 2009

kitty krushes.. kitty krashes..

U were acting like the dog in tom & jerry
always trying to catch tom as if u had a krush on tom
but what happens when there is no tom
it all comes krashing down like a house of cards..

This has been the headline for the past 3 days.. CAT server crashes rescheduling the dates of many students..
My facebook status read "Am a sadist coz i was happy wen i found out CAT server had crashed".. 4 people liked this.. so all those who went to write the exam and came back not writing it have every right to be pissed off.. as usual we jus have to put the blame on some1.. r u gonna put the blame on IIMs?? wat abt prometric who are responsible for conducting the test?? did u think abt blaming urself?? 
now lets justify.. IIMs have no role in this.. they decided its gonna be an online test and gave it to the prometric guys..now, a server crash happens.. its like a random process.. u cant predict when its gonna happen and also cannot find out y it is happening.. but it happens perfectly at the wrong time.. how many times have we witnessed gmail crashing, blogger crashing.. twitter going bizarrrrk.. and the no donut for u sign.. we do complain at times like those too but not like this.. y is this so important.. coz its life threatening.. now a report said that "the CAT going online has seen a considerable decrease in the number of applicants"
since  this is gonna be the first time CAT is being held online.. the applicants shd hav speculated that things might go wrong.. so to be on the safe side, they should not have chosen the starting dates.. 
but they didnt.. i have a hunch that most of the people who scheduled the starting dates are preparing for CAT for the past 2 years.. hence they will be known as schemers.. everything should go according to their plan.. they planned to give the cat as soon as possible and get over with it.. their failure to notice an imbalance in the system is the root cause for all their misery.. and so even though they are schemers.. they arent jus good in it.. and the house of cards comes crashing down.. and finally they complain about the system.. 
since i dont wanna say the 2 words.. i pity u and recite the following lullaby so that u can have a nice sleep..

“Soft kitty, warm kitty
little ball of fur,
happy kitty, sleepy kitty
purr purr purr”

P.S: My CAT is on dec 3.. n what am i doing?? am analysing fellow cat aspirants.. kya baat hai sirji..

P.P.S:the reason for the crash..[link]


Srivats said...

all the best for your CAT and I can empathise with u on no dognuts for you :P

soin said...

lol.we are one of the worst co-sadists in history man.soft kity warm kity..see the plan was simple they thought.but the plan also involved others plan.so it got complex and fucked it up.free

Shalini said...

You cannot generalise on those who scheduled their CAT on the starting dates...maybe, JUST maybe they did not have any choice. And IT IS prometric's fault, they should have known about the bloody server problem and checked the systems with mock-CATs or something. Why play with student's time if you know it is going to be wasted?

But no matter how much explanation I give, you are jolly well going to laugh about it. So happy laughing...and all the best for your CAT.

SaKsHi said...

blame prometric sure sure...but some coaching insti hv been conducting mock online xams and nothing of this sort hapnd to them....prometric shudve done some home work bfr hand
P.S- you know sm pple aren't schemers just coz they filld earlier dates...sm cud hv their final sem xams starting frm 8th n had no other option ;).... so sorry but not in the group :P

Vishnu said...

@srivats.. lol.. thanku..

@soin.. one of the best.. free..

@shalini.. i had mentioned that server crashes happen.. how can u predict a random process.. generalisation is the way to survey.. they did not have a choice??fine.. acceptable.. then they would jus have to face the consequences..
jus bcoz u said.. hahahaha...

Vishnu said...

@sakshi.. how many pple write those conducted by coaching institutes.. the magnitude of students writing this is far greater..prometric is only responsible for gre and many online tests.. they are the experts.. what if all this is totally out of their hands..
P.S: exams from 8th.. 3 days to study for the exams.. implies 3 or 4 shd be just fine..
P.P.S: even i have my sem exams from 8th..
P.P.P.S: accept that u r not a schemer.. post is a generalisation..

HaRy!! said...

Yapa i definitely know the impact it can cause...esp when a server crashes! Yu know the business gets on the top of our heads whenever as such happens and we have like 200 Production( unga bashaila..important servers) ...and each one for e-commerce, banking and so and so..oru crash and seee the impact...but cant help it!!..naan intha line la than iruken bro...so I pity ourself and the ppl out!! ..!

Mr. K Bodhi said...

You get into IIM and I promise you a donut :D. Yeah! And lets put the blame of the foreign guys :)

Lavanya Sriram said...

if everyone anticipates this and doesn't choose the starting dates, then what happens? I am reminded of the joke: "if at all there is a last compartment in a train, it should be in the middle " :)
Anyways, All the very best for yr exam

Vishnu said...

@hary.. gethu.. sema velai ponga.. hard work never forgets to pay.. lol..

@k.bodhi.. hello.. neenga irukardhe foreignla dan.. hippocrasy.. looks like i wont be getting a donut from u..

@lavanya.. they would have to suffer the wrath of the crash.. lol@ the joke.. true.. better to be in the middle..

Insignia said...

Hope your CAT went well.

I liked that you said. Gmail crashes, twitter crashes...fine..We CAN out up with it because they are not "mission critical" like these twitters or facebook.

CAT is so important, lot of aspirants toil for months to give this exam. And if whoever organized it are doing it for the first time; they should have considered all loopholes of technology.
Mission critical always have fault tolerance and high availability in place.

Sad for those people who got affected

Anonymous said...

eeekss.. that's sad. server crash?!!!

Vishnu said...

@insignia.. nope..prometric are the best in conducting online tests.. so its bad luck.. and yeah even i feel a bit pretty sad for pple i know who couldnt give the test.. my cat went fine i think..

@avada.. yup.. server crash..many couldnt write the exam.. havent u been reading the papers??

Anonymous said...

no :) I was out on vacation, forgot the whole world :)

priyadharshini said...

Yeah i pity for them too. Even i wrote cat.. was safe though, as i registered at the last day for the last batch- 7th at 3 pm. Even if i had a server crash & was rescheduled, i wouldnt have been worried a much, for my soul reason of booking late was to have as much distance frm the exam as possible.. :p