Monday, February 15, 2010

gate pass

This one is a little old.. its back from the drafts.. so i am mixing it with the latest info..
Last sunday i learned a lot.. since i didnt want to waste the already wasted 800 bucks.. and since a dirty mind shd never be kept idle.. i went to write the gate exam as a time pass and to keep my mind working.. i had to go alone since i had a different centre.. took bath and started off early.. i kept on thinking that my centre was at bata, raipur instead of kapa,raipur.. google maps screwed me big time and i was lost.. so went and got a cigarette.. asked the shop guy itself for directions.. while he was trying to explain.. another guy who was smoking there intervened and asked me whether i was going to write gate..after my affirmation.. he offered me a ride.. i gleefully accepted and he dropped me off some 200m back.. told tata and walked.. found the centre,  but none from my college.. scavenged the area for another tea shop.. having a puff before an exam seems to be my lucky charm.. i got a personal high this time in 7th sem.. consequences of the lucky charm.. i knew i would not no anything technical.. so straight away went for the aptitude.. finished it right away.. too much of analog circuits.. all i could was transistors.. at one point.. i was stuck in finding the inverse laplace transform.. cursed myself.. finished it early.. was observing the reactions of fellow roommates.. the girl sitting next to me had done an aptitude question wrong.. helped her..see generosity.. she thanked me after the exam and i was jus talkin to her till we came outside.. the villain(read: her dad) was waiting outside.. left n came off.. what a way to celebrate a stupid day..

was full of guilty consciences that i didnt give the deserved respect and dedication to engineering.. engineering has taught me so much in life.. but nothing related to engineering.. rather than saying i am not fit to be an engineer.. i would say.. i should have never tried to become one.. i had so much interest in biology.. am a total admirer of the human body.. its so vulnerable to any attack but still we live on.. the complexities of the human brain puzzle me all the time especially during booze.. having got 93 marks in cbse biology with an out and out IIT preparation is something to be proud of.. i shd hav bcum a doctor.. i still wonder y i did not give any medical exams.. left them all.. so here i am coz everyone told me that only an idiot would leave an engineering seat in an NIT.. i hav come to the very end of it.. i always felt that till school, my life was never in my hands.. although it was in proper hands, no one wants it to be that way.. atleast now am contolling it.. but things are jus not going the way intended.. listening to "to live is to die" by metallica now is jus so soothing to the ears..

as i say tata.. i leave u pondering over these lyrics from motherjane..

We’ve all wondered why
Destiny picked us to cry
Why faith has to be tested,
And life doesn’t turn out the way intended

some bunch of information:
2.funny story

lesser known facts of the day coz research says so..
1. Men are more emotional than women after marriage.. (/* so are u gals happy??)
2. Men are efficient shoppers than women (/* the word is efficient and not addictive)


Uncommon Sense said...

its just a illusion that u r controlling your life,,, but its your insecurities that is controlling it

Dyti Dawn said...

Its just human to if life has given us a path...its always wid a purpose...

Naarya said...

i dont have much to say as I always the same way through the 4 yrs of engg and after too. though i wasn't interested in bio..i never knew what i was really interested in. still wondering and discovering... hang on!

buckingfastard said...

every engineer is not fit to be engineer...coz he choose engineering to earn i suppose....who cares!!!

ohh NIT ruind my competitive habits...let oder win to live...i hav a smoke to die for!!

Srivats said...

well according to me its better to ruin our life in our own hands than to give it someone to do exactly the same, good luck with everything!

Shalini said...

Atleast you know you are interested in something...biology! You can still pursue it..not too late.
One of my uncle says in a funny tone-"CoLLEGE ku pona knowlEDGE varum"! I dont think learn a lot...but nothing even remotely related to academics.

SG said...

Nice one. You wanted to become a doctor? Even now it is not too late. Have you ever heard of a guy by the name of Allen Bakke? I have written a post on him on July 21, 2009. I think you will like it.

Vishnu said...

@uncommon sense.. welcome to bigbang.. i agree with the 1st line.. but not with the second.. some pple dont have insecurities or know hw to control them.. i feel i belong to tht genre.. u have a nice blog too.. similar interests is wat i noticed.. will try to be regular there..

@dyti dawn.. we chose the path.. i dont believe in fate or destiny.. we can control our destiny is my faith..

@naarya.. lol.. but u r very talented in craftwork.. u shd hav taken fashion technology or interior designing i feel.. btw which branch in engg??

@bucking fastard.. lol.. we both hav a lot in common.. hi 5..

@srivats.. sema punch.. rightly said.. tleast we can advice other pple abt our experiences.. lol..

@shalini.. u shd get in touch with ur uncle regularly..

@sg.. nope.. i will read tht post of urs.. there are more problems to it.. my dad wants me to work nw.. long story.. perhaps another blog post..

soin said...

machi yen yelathaiyum lateve yosikira..and if you never try you never know.we tried and now we know..we are not fit to be

priyadharshini said...

Even me being an engineering student, doing my final few months, i totally agree with u. Before 25 yrs engineers r considered intelligent worthy ones. Wonder how those old engineers would have felt bout their college life..

Vishnu said...

@soin.. correetu.. now we know very well..
@priyadarshini.. oh.. u alive still?? engineering is jus every1 bachelor's degree rite nw..

japesh said...

why was her dad the villain ?

dude ... fuck engineering, did you get her number ?