Friday, May 1, 2009


ya.. we all know competition is healthy n stuff.. but noticed the most diff way of competition.. well ma xams got over jus today.. had communication as the last paper.. as long as ma dept is concerned.. u shd be knowin 2 pple.. prof.majumdar n prof. chakravarti.. none of dem is d hod.. i'll b frank abt these pple.. dey r 2 disillusioned idiots who try to take each n every damn sweat off ur body.. i couldnt find a better example of pple who find pleasures from other's sorrows.. they laugh wen u cry.. today while writin the paper.. chakravarti came to clear off any doubts n corrections in the paper.. he corrected few mistakes n den checked the paper for abt 5 min.. n den told with a bloody smirk on his face.. in ques 2 its binary n not finary.. it was as if.. we were tht dumb.. i felt like slappin him.. they were very happy tht they have given a difficult paper.. the sheer glances of students dumbstruck was pleasin to their eyes.. since both r an inseparable pair.. i guess tht they had some sort of competiton among demselves of who will be settin the tuffest paper or sumthin.. wateva.. the whole damn thing is over.. as soad put it.. fuck d system... especially the education system..

"Your empty walls...
Your empty walls...
Pretentious attention
Dismissive apprehension
Don't waste your time, on coffins today
When we decline, from the confines of our mind
Don't waste your time, on coffins today

Don't you see their bodies burning?
Desolate and full of yearning
Dying of anticipation
Choking from intoxication
- empty walls (serj tankian)

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